Requisition: Salesforce Lead Developer / Solution Architect - Copenhagen, Denmark (10334)

Salesforce Lead Developer / Solution Architect - Copenhagen, Denmark
Bjørn von Herbst
+45 26 15 08 96

For our client in the insurance sector, we are looking for a Senior Salesforce Lead Developer / Solution Architect.

Alm. Brand has over the past 8 years built up a substantial Salesforce implementation, named FOKUS.

FOKUS is today supporting Alm. Brand employees with a customer overview holding information around the insurance and pension products the customers have taken out and information around the communication between Alm. Brand and the customers.

FOKUS supports Alm. Brand’s sales channel: Leads are handled in Marketing Cloud and are used as input to Alm. Brand’s Tele Marketing group responsible for calling up potential customers to sell insurances. Also, Alm. Brand’s salespeople are serviced via management of customer meetings managed by Salesforce.

Alm. Brand has over the past year sold off its bank division and recently also its pensions division and is not purely focused on non-life insurance.

Alm. Brand has acquired Codan Insurance, an acquisition that is doubling the size of the company, now named Alm Brand Group. The formal merger between the two companies happened May 2nd, 2022.

As part of the merger Salesforce will become the CRM platform for both Alm. Brand and Codan brands.

What’s In Our Backlog?

Customer Data Management
Alm. Brand has decided to make Salesforce the Customer data Master. This decision imposes a lot of development to ensure always correct customer data in the insurance system (Sapiens’ TIA) and other solutions used by Alm. Brand employees.

It is required that the support for contact persons at Alm. Brand’s business and corporate customers are registered and visible in Salesforce, that it is possible to use the information actively in both sales and service. Today, this is not adequately supported.

As part of becoming the Customer Data Master it is required to close all functionality in other systems, that allow for creation, update, or deletion of customer data. This will likely spawn development of services in Salesforce that may be called by other systems.

Consent Management
It has been decided to use Salesforce for management of customer consents. This epic holds transfer of consents from other systems into Salesforce. A data model for holding consent data has been decided and consents are being migrated over into the new model.

360 Customer Overview
A new 360 Customer Overview needs to be developed. The current overview was made at a time, where it should both hold information around insurance, pension and bank products and it can now be simplified, improved, and made ready to hold further information around insurance products and other customer relevant data (active and previous claims handling cases, suggestions for cross sales etc.).

The overview will have to reflect that Alm Brand Group covers 3 brands: Alm. Brand Insurance, Codan Insurance and Privatsikring. Also, there is a need to support that insurance can be taken out via partners and this needs to be visible as well. To support this a new data model for holding all of the information and ties to the products in the Insurance system, TIA, needs to be designed and implemented.

Case Management
The use of Salesforce Case Management in Alm. Brand today is limited and holds a huge potential.

First in line is to investigate building a Claims Management solution using Case Management orchestrating the claims process where the actual calculations etc. are managed by the insurance system. Apart from using a tool already available in Salesforce, this setup will automatically allow for showing ongoing claims handling cases in a customer overview.

Quotation & Offer
Alm. Brand will also investigate using Salesforce as a platform for the salespeople when setting up a quote to offer to the customers. Today, an old Java application is used, and it is relevant to substitute it with a solution built within Salesforce.

Codan Insurance
We are now in a “discovery phase” figuring out what has “hit us”, but we have a pretty good idea that we need to enhance our ability to work with business and corporate customers. Today, Alm. Brand is mainly focused on private customer, farms, and smaller businesses, whereas Codan Insurance has substantial part of the Danish insurance market for SME and Larger corporate customers. These types of customers’ demands are different, and we need to build functionality that can support both the sale and service of these customers.

How we work
Salesforce development is centered in the CRM Chapter made up of 4 squads (scrum teams). The 4 squads are covering Leads, Sales, Services and the Customer. The latter is a new squad and is a consequence of the decision to make Salesforce the Customer Data Master.

The 4 squads work independently but at the same time coordinated, since the solutions are often requiring effort from more than one squad to become a complete solution or the end users.

Each Squad has a Product Owner and a Scrum Master and is typically made up of 9-10 people in addition to the PO and SM.

We aim at having a good work/life balance and work is planned within the individual squads.

We have an open dialogue; humor is a vital ingredient in our daily work day and we strive towards having fun at work.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark - onsite 2 days / remote 3 days
Start date: ASAP and 2022-06-01 at the latest
End date: 2022-11-30 + option
Workload: 100%
Language: Danish and/or English
Apply: ASAP


When applying, please upload your updated consultant CV (in Word format) with a relevant project list and provide the following information (in the VMS system):
- Your motivation
- Your expected hourly rate, all inclusive
- Your earliest starting date
- The names and phone numbers of two references (in the VMS system) who will only be contacted by prior arrangement with you.

We are presenting consultant profiles for our client on an ongoing basis, so do not hesitate to apply.
Salesforce Application Consultant (ABF-DK)
Senior Consultant
960 Hours

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