Requisition: Lean/SixSigma Value Stream Mapping for Production Approval Process, Finland (remote) (10217)

Lean/SixSigma Value Stream Mapping for Production Approval Process, Finland (remote)
Bjørn von Herbst
+45 26 15 08 96

For our client in Finland, we are looking for a sharp consultant/facilitator with focus on optimization of processes.

The project will be lead from Finland and will mostly take place remote, so your home country is not an issue.

Project Description

Our client has a Production Approval Process (PAP) to support and consult their application teams on various aspects of the developed applications. Our client has received feedback from application teams that the process is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and very valuable. Therefore, our client would like to get an insight into the process and the value it creates.

The process as such is well documented, and the Kanban board is used to track the different steps with application teams. It consists of several steps, and each step has a virtual expert team that reviews the application and provides advice, recommendations, and improvement demands. Each step happens in sequence, but it is up to the development team to decide, when they enter into the next. There are usually quite many people involved in different steps, and our client is a bit unsure how this all works as a totality.

Therefore, our client would like to better understand:
- How much effort do they place into the process VS how much value they gain?
o Process internal effort by the experts doing the reviews
o Process external effort by the application teams preparing for the reviews and making necessary changes based on feedback.
- What problems do they have?
- How and where to improve?
- How could our client make this more straightforward and more valuable for their development teams?

The PAP Overview can be downloaded as Word document.

Location: Helsinki, Finland - remote work with only a few days onsite
Start Date: Beginning of August 2021
End Date: TBD
Workload: TBD
Language: English
Apply: ASAP


When applying, please remember to upload the following (in Word-format):

• Your updated consultant CV with relevant project list

• Provide the following information
- Your motivation
- Your expected hourly rate, all inclusive
- Your earliest start date

• Provide the name and phone number of two references (will only be contacted by prior arrangement with you)

We are presenting consultant profiles for our client on an ongoing basis, so do not hesitate to apply.
Specialist Advice (TECH)
Level 5 + Level 6 - Senior Consultant
No skills specified
160 Hours

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